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Smith College Tournament

 Sunday 4/22/18

Smith College

Northampton, MA  01063

WAIVER  (updated 4/20/18)


See directions below


U12  Red /White

Arrive 7:00 am  

Game 1 -7:30  am  Field 2 (White Jersey)
Game 2 - 8:30  am  Field 2 (WhiteJersey)

Game 3: 9:30 am Field 3 (Red Jersey)

Game 4: 10:30 am  Field 1  (Red Jersey)

Game 5: 11:30 am  Field 1  ( White Jersey)

Kate Bock Gigi Caldero Daniella Maresca - GK Lola Martinez-Arraya
Margy Sheker Evelyn Trudel Bernadita Thompson ? Audrey Adorno
Sophia Chaves - GK Daniella Leach Tiernan MacColl ?  


U14 White

Listed as FCU Red on Schedule - Pool U14 AA)

Arrive 7:30 am  

Game 1 - 8:00 am  Field 2  (Red Jersey)
Game 2 - 9:00  am  Field 2 (Red Jersey)

Game 3: 11:00 am Field 1 (Red Jersey)

Game 4: 12:30 am  Field 1  (White Jersey)

Game 5:  Playoffs 1:00-2:00

(Game time and field depends on pool standings)

Maggie Bullis Traci Davis Emma de Graaff Katherine Fitzgerald
Caroline Frase Shannon Gallaher Stephanie Ionescu - GK Gwen Thompson
Lindsey Turner      


U14 Black

Listed as FCU White on schedule- Pool U14 BB)

Arrive 7:30 am  

Game 1 - 8:00 am  Field 3  (Red Jersey)
Game 2 - 10:00  am  Field 2 (White Jersey)

Game 3: 11:00 am  Field 3 (Red Jersey)

Game 4: 12:00 am  Field 2 (Red Jersey)

Game 5:  Playoffs 1:00-2:00

(Game time and field depends on pool standings)

Nadia Avdiu Lea Barry-Thouez Annabelle Hicks Emma Kelly - Walsh
Charlotte Langer Lily Mann Rachel Mehler Nola Ryder
Mia Worman Daniella Maresca - GK Chi An. D.

Lily donzeiser





 U16 Black

Schedule Revised - note earlier arrival and end time.

Arrive 1:30 pm  

Game 1 -2:00  pm  Field 1 (White Jersey)
Game 2 - 3:00  pm  Field 3 (White Jersey)

Game 3: 4:00 pm  Field 1 (Red Jersey)

Game 4: 4:30 pm  Field 1 (Red Jersey)

Playoffs - 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Johnna Pastore Lily Carroll Caroline Hurley Sophia Moore - GK
Ciara Murphy Nadia Pennella Jess Zdanoff Bennett Ghriskey
Isabella Del Vecchio Kate Marcus ?    



From the South: Northampton is on Route I-91 in Massachusetts. Take Exit 18, and follow Route 5 north into the center of town. At intersection of Route 5 and Route 9, turn left onto Route 9 (Main Street).  Go straight through 4 sets of traffic lights, turning left into Smith's main entrance ( College Lane) shortly after the seventh set.   The office of Admissions is on our right, overlooking Paradise Pond. Parking is available next to the office or along Route 9.

From the North: From I-91 South, take Exit 20, and follow onto Route 5 south into the center of town. At the intersection of Route 5 and Route 9 (Main Street), turn right onto Route 9.  Then follow same directions as above from Rt. 9.

From the East or West via the Massachusetts Turnpike: Northampton is on Route I-91 North (Mass Pike exit 4). Once on I-91, follow the directions above for visitors from the south.

Parking Map


      We will be offering concessions throughout the day. 
      An EMT will be present all day, she will have a cooler for ice and can help with basic injuries and assessment. If needed Cooly Dick Hospital is a fast 5 min drive from our field.