General Information



INDOOR STICKS: Indoor field hockey sticks are much lighter and thinner than outdoor sticks. Players are encouraged to purchase indoor sticks, however they may use outdoor sticks. Indoor sticks will be available for order/purchase at a discounted price at the first practice on practice in Winter.
We will have both wooden sticks (less expensive) and composite sticks. For indoor use at this level either wooden or composite sticks are fine.

INDOOR GLOVES: Many players choose to wear indoor padded gloves on either one hand (usually left) or both. Because you play indoor a lot lower, the glove protects the hands from getting hit with the ball or another stick. Gloves are suggested but not required for play. Gloves will be available for order/purchase at a discounted price at the first practice.

FOOTWEAR: Sneakers are fine for indoor space. Vendors do sell indoor shoes. Anyone interested in purchasing indoor shoes might choose to do so through Kelly Vegliante who will extend her vendor discounts to purchase them for you. (optional).

MOUTHGUARDS: Mouthguards are required at all practices and games.

MASKS: Indoor protective masks are used by defenders on all defensive corners. Masks will be provided by FC United Coaches. There will be a mandatory usage of masks by all players for FC United this season.

GOGGLES: Unlike the outdoor season, protective eyewear is not worn during indoor play and the wire goggles can not be worn in any USA Field Hockey sanctioned events. As additional information is available on Protective Eyewear by the USA Field Hockey Association, we will let you know.

Equipment needed: sticks, shinguards, mouthguared, cleats or turf shoes, waterbottle

(effective fall 2020 - goggles are optional for all players)